Monday, January 7, 2008

Thanks Jennifer...

My sister in law Jennifer blogged about listing all of her daughter's clothes on ebay. She has over 100 listings. WOW!

Of course now I feel obligated to list my ebay stuff. I've been avoiding it. Why? Who knows.

I don't have any kids clothes to list. I give all of those to Reta of Elkhart. But, I do have a ton of Talbot's stuff with the tags on them that would easily sell. I also have a few pairs of my Mom's shoes that I've been holding on to. Not sure why? I don't wear a size 7.

Best of all, I have scrapbooking stuff. I'm always so surprised at how much it all goes for. Would it sell better in a lot, or individually? It's easier to photo in a lot.

All I know is that my goal for 2008 is to organize my office (and keep it that way). I think getting rid of some things on ebay while making some money will help me reach that goal. Thanks Jen!

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Jen Cook said...

Any time! What are SIL's for? My auctions are doing well with tons of watchers. If you have any spring stuff, I'd list it now, I think people are done with winter.
as for the scrapping stuff, depending on how much you have, I'd do seperate lots. Like
get my drift?
Good luck!