Wednesday, January 2, 2008

NY Resolutions!

Webster says resolution means - the act of solving; solution. Wouldnt' that say that I have a problem? Ummm.....yes, yes I do.

Soda is my problem. I drink WAY too much. I've had people ask how often I drink it. I respond with "Just ask me when the last time I had anything OTHER than soda...that would be easier." In fact, there is no need for a weight loss resolution. If I just give up soda, the weight will probably just come off!

So here they are in no particular order.

*No soda shall pass my lips. Oh man, that's so hard to type. Especially with this pounding (lack of caffeine) headache I have.

*My office will be more organized and stay that way.

*I will keep up with Flylady.

Notice that NONE of them use the word "try". I'm starting to hate that word. I heard someone say that when you insert the word "try" you are giving yourself to fail, but still keep your honor.

I refuse to fail with honor....wait, I mean refuse to fail period.

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