Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Famous People

There are very few famous people that impress me. I don't think there's anyone I would wait in line to meet other than Oprah, Prince and especially Jesus. =)

Here are a few memorable meetings with semi-famous folks.

Eric Braeden - From Y & R. He was on my flight from PDX to ORD when I was moving from Oregon. I had the two little ones with me and we sat close to him. He told me that they were the most beautiful children he had ever seen. Awwww.......I think he's right!

Michael Damian - My favorite soap used to be Y & R (I don't watch soaps now). I got tickets to see his show with my Aunt. My Mom made me a cute new outfit to wear. We were waiting in line to get our picture taken and he just grabbed me out of the crowd and squeezed me while Aunt Nita took a pic. I look like I'm drunk in love in the pic. I'll have to see if I can find it! He let us both come backstage and take some pics and hangout for a short time.

Greg Louganis - I was working at a new hotel, it was my first day. My co-worker said she'd be right back. Greg walked in a wanted a room for him and his dog. I didn't know the computer system AT ALL! I had to ask him for his personal info about 3 times. He just snickered at my folly. He got the yuckiest room at the hotel because he had his pet with him, and he smokes.

David Hasselhoff - OK, we didn't really meet. He kinda shoved me aside to get to the bar at the Cabo airport. He was there with his wife and daughter. They were yelling at each other, walking away, yelling, walking away.....for about an hour. We took a bunch of pics on my friends camera and wanted to sell them to pay for our trip. We chickened out. Within a week of returning, he was in the news because they had filed divorce papers. Ding dong-it. I should have went with my paparazzi instincts. David also fought with a man at the bar because David took the guys seat and wouldn't move. His BIG bodyguard put a stop to that real quick!

These were the most fun people to meet (or close to it).

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