Thursday, January 31, 2008


Ross had a business dinner last night, and invited me. I went to one about a year ago, but normally just stay home with the girls. It's hard to find a babysitter during the middle of the week.

I was able to go last night. The meeting was with Jim, Rich, Ross & Ryan (all from IN) and John, Tom, Jason & Matt all from Oregon. We went to a new restaurant in Elkhart called Indigo. It was absolutely beautiful inside. They had little coves built in for private dining as well as a large dining room. The lounge was uber trendy. It reminded me of a place we ate at in Chicago.

We started in the bar for drinks (not me....yuck), then moved to the large dining room. The server brought the menus which were full of very delicious sounding entrees. It was fun to answer questions about the food. The boys were like "What's a satay? What's a kalamata olive? What's creme fraiche? Which fork do I use first? Which bread & butter plate is mine?" I actually felt useful.

Here are some of the food the group ordered:

White & wheat ciabatta - with garlic butter or a dip that was a cross between hummus & tapenade
Jerk shrimp - with a spicy / chunky salsa
Coconut jumbo shrimp - with a raspberry sauce
Beef satay - with peanut sauce (this was my favorite)
Duck spring rolls
Crusted veal w/ prosciutto
Peppercorn crusted bone in ribeye
Wasabi salmon
NY strip w/ truffle butter
Side dishes
Szechuan green beans
Salad w/ mango
Roasted fingerling potatoes w/ chives & creme fraiche
Creme Brulee
Apple tart
Molten chocolate cake (it was baked when ordered!)

They had some great food and even better ambience. The prices were a little high, but not abnormal for a great meal. I would say for someone ordering a beef dish, side dish, dessert & would pay around $55 plus tax. For a meal with chicken, duck or veal it would be about $12 less.

Not something you could do often (or at least most of us) but a great place for special occasions. Besides, it takes around 2.5 hours for the entire meal. Who has that much time on their hands?

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