Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oops - I missed dump day

I was so busy yesterday, that I forgot to dump.

*Last night it was 50 degrees
*This morning it is 0 degrees
*No school?
*Oh man!
*The roads are too icey
*Ross had to drive 3 hours in this
*It took him over 4 hours in this weather
*I hope Heather calls me.
*I'd love to go out tonight.
*What will I wear?
*Tom will be there.
*He always looks at my shoes
*He has a "shoe thing"
*I think I'll wear hot pink, fur lined boots
*Yes, I've succombed to the culture
*They don't match my purse exactly
*Maybe, he won't notice.
*My 2nd favorite guy Matt is coming too
*They flew in on a private jet.
*The flight took 3.5 hours from Eugene to Elkhart
*I really need a private jet
*That flight's normally 8 hours
*With layovers included
*But not drive time.
*Ross's meeting ran late
*I had to pick up Heather
*My car is frozen
*Seriously frozen
*It took 20 min to be able to see through the windshield
*The wipers never defrosted enough to work
*Yes, we have a 3 car garage
*The Excursion doesn't fit in it
*Neither does the Toyota
*I feel bad picking up Heather late.
*We also got home late
*Who knew dinner would take 2.5 hours?
*I gave her a little extra $
*My kids were ill-behaved
*I got on facebook
*1st time in a month
*Heather made a video
*Using her new Mac
*She has tons of friends
*She included my kids in her friends video
*She used "this is the life" by Miley Cyrus
*I love Miley
*And Heather
*And GS cookies.

1 comment:

Heather Stevens said...

you're kids were not bad!! I love them all!! And you guys!! You are my favorite family to babysit...and Kenady, Cyra, and Cambell are GREAT kids!! I love 'em..did i mention that??? tell them hi..tell Kenady she can still be my best friend and sister if she wants to:)
I will see you at church tomorrow!! Love ya!!!!