Friday, January 25, 2008

It's cold here

I finally went grocery shopping last night. While I was out I noticed something. First of all, it's much quicker to go without lil ones. =) Secondly, people here really know how to make snow boots look good!

Growing up, I would have been mortified to tromp through a store in those clod hoppers. Here, people have NICE snow boots. Some are knee high, some lace up, fur lined, patchwork, you name it....we've got it.

I bet women here have snow boots just like they have flats, tennies, or heels. A pair to go with a few outfits and that one coveted pair that only goes with THE outfit. I must say that I've never seen such trendy snow boots in my life. I guess that's part of the culture here (instead of in's cars).

Alright, I have to take Cyra to the bus. I better figure out which snow boots go with black yoga pants and a V-neck!

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Jen Cook said...

we must be on the same brain wave!! I wrote my post before I ready yours :)