Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I said the "f" word.

The girls and I had to venture to South Bend today. It's only about a 25 minute drive, but it's so yucky here most people choose to stay at home.

On the way home, the girls asked for chicken nuggets. I'm so tired of McDonald's, I said yes but only to Burger King.

I order and when I go to the pick up window, the man hands me my Sprite. I grab the sides and he apparently didn't get the lid on tight. When my hands surrounded the cup, the pressure popped the lid off...all because he didn't take the time to make sure it was on properly. It spewed all over my coat, pants, steering wheel, seat, floor, center console, and my dog. I immediately without thinking spit out the word s*** and then followed it up with f***. Oops. Those of you who know me are shocked right now aren't you? I never use those words.

What can I expect from a fast food joint that only pays their employees less than 6 per hour? You Oregonians haven't seen a minimum wage so low since 2000.

He did apologize and gave me a new one. Somehow that was suppose to make me feel better. I'll try and remember that when I'm cleaning my car today while simultaneously freezing my hiney off. It's currently 27 (feels like 15) and snowing. =(


Anonymous said...

Amanda "Am Worthy of Love" Conforth, I do declare! Look what Indiana has done to you! J/K Love ya - Heather

P.S. Does this mean your back on the pop??

MCC said...

I have had a little coke to cure a headache and a little sprite. But not a whole one! I'm actually loving water. =)