Monday, January 21, 2008

Friendly debate

A few friends of mine have been discussing their feelings on child harnesses. Let's be honest, it's a leash. Can you already see my opinion on this subject?

Supposedly they feel it is for "safety". I feel it's because they are lazy. Notice there are no quotations on lazy. Here a few points that support my opinion.

Mark Beeson once did a sermon on the fact that as Americans, we dance on the edge. When we're dieting, we cut an m&m in half to avoid going over our 1200 daily calories. When we drive, we go 74 instead of 70. At curfew, you roll in at 11.59. We all take things to the limit.

He says we have to install rumble strips on our lives. You know, those things that make a gastly noise if you happen to go over the white line while driving? He says those let you know that you are getting too close. You best pay attention to what's happening around you. Something bad could happen if you don't.

We need to put those rumble strips WAY in from the edge so that we have plenty of time to react if something goes wrong. For example:

*Walk past the m&m aisle at Walmart so you won't buy them. Then you won't have the chance to cut one in half and ruin your diet.

*Plan your time better. If you have to be across town at 7, then leave 10 minutes earlier than you really need. That way you can drive the speed limit and still be early.

*Plan on being home at 11:45. Then if you get caught by a train you still have time to make curfew and avoid getting grounded.

If you purposefully put your child into a harness/leash, aren't you teaching them that it's ok to go to the edge, or until the rope snaps back? Then they have to come back to reality. Aren't you teaching them that they don't have to be responsible, you WILL be in their place? That it's ok to dance on the edge? Who's going to be responsible in their place when they're in a situation that involves liquor? Who's going to take the responsiblity of that child they conceived because they had no rumble strips set into place? I know what happens. I've seen it. Parents point their fingers and say "You should have known better." How could they have. We've taken their chance at practicing good decision making since they were able to walk.

I have 3 children of my own. They have tried to run away and Walmart. I've had to teach them about safety. They have to learn the rules. I refuse to take the lazy way.

BTW- In the summer of 2006, I took all 3 girls to Disneyland by myself. A flight from Chicago, to Denver. Denver to Los Angeles. Then Disneyland, American Girl......almost 2 weeks worth of fun. They were 6, 3, & 1 1/2. There were no leashes used.

What's next? A muzzle?

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Jen Cook said...

I couldn't agree more. I notice it's more of the WT people using them as well. (at least here in oregon)